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Default EUR/USD stands firm above 1.0850 despite weak Eurozone PMI data; attention shifts to

Despite receiving unfavorable news about the state of the Eurozone’s economy, the EUR/USD exchange rate remains relatively stable, holding above the key level of 1.0850. As the Asian trading session progresses on Thursday, the pair is observed to be trading around 1.0870, marking a second consecutive day of gains. This development is particularly intriguing due to the recent release of weaker-than-anticipated Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) data from both the Eurozone and Germany on the preceding Wednesday. This unexpected data has sparked concerns among investors, who are diligently attempting to decipher the potential implications for inflationary trends.

The preliminary HCOB Composite PMI for the Eurozone in August has displayed a decline to 47, a figure notably below the earlier forecast of 48.5 and also falling short of the 48.6 recorded in the previous month. Simultaneously, Germany’s Composite PMI has registered a drop to 44.7. This outcome is disheartening for market experts, who had projected a more favorable reading around 48.3. A comparison to July’s figure of 48.5 further highlights the subdued nature of the reported data.

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