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Default AshFX2 Signals

Originally Posted by jonleung View Post
I think V1 was first unveiled on FF, before forexmoments was launched. To be honest, FF had an awful lot of rubbish to wade though to get to the useful posts. I'm glad that Ash launched this site, and thanks are due to him from all of us for sharing his efforts with us.

One suggestion - maybe we could have a separate thread for the signals that the system generates? If the titles include the date and the pair, that would be easy for all to follow.
Of course ASH deserves all the thanks. I was only kidding up there... You are right that on a lot of the forums, there are just too much junk and 'scams' to wade through to actually get something half decent to look into.

Anyway, another thread for AshFX2 signals would be interesting. I am all for it. Actually I don't mind a AshFX2 alert. Anyone can code?
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