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Originally Posted by okitikan View Post
Iam currently testing the graet system on demo.I agree with you that some one should help us with the way to use it properly.xard777.did a good job there.I notice that one of the template appears to recognise patern iam studing that one closelytoo.
Thanks for your interest and please keep it circulated. I think this system has more hidden potentials inside and maybe can develop into a long term trading robot by the help of experts in this forum and other ones. In the meantime here is a great template posted by Xard777 on other forums based on this incredible system. See for yourself that how powerful it is to recognize entries in 1 hr time frame on most majors even in recent chaotic events in forex. Someone would be able to interpret the meaning of symbols and especially the rules of entry and exit. It seems this template has a great job identifying very large trends at the very early stages. See for your self, enjoy and share it with the others. All the thanks should goes to Xard777.
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