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Default Re: SATYR is your automatic income. Robot from Simple Invest

It's been a tough week. There was a lot of news in America. Point volumes poured at important levels were pulled out strongly, which drove the crowd into a drawdown.

Lost due to the inability to refill and control Satyr on silver, the total loss was 50%.

The new genie immediately went into battle and earned 15% on movement.

Godsets were pre-dried before all this rigmarole or risks were reduced, which justified itself and made it possible to focus on manual trading.

There were 3 deals in manual trading this week:
USDCAD +1.4%
USD/JPY in progress
WTI 1 order +0.75%

Conclusions for the week.
All well done, even Satir, steadfastly endured the silver movement of 270 points.

Eurodollar gave a good growth of 250 points without a rollback. And the crisis was once again tested by such a market and showed a maximum drawdown of 22%, thus updating the maximum drawdown indicator for 5 months.
The XAG set will only be used in the minimal tray (or optional, silver got me really hot just this month) and in COMBA PRO builds.

It will be replaced by an independent set of NZDUSD and GBPCAD.

All profit!
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