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Up to Day: Intraday strategy for beginners

Dear clients,

Simple is the best, as people tend to say. Indeed, you don't need to play 5D chess with the market to make a profit. This time, we'll be looking at another solid stategy, useful for beginners.

Join us on March 22 at 12:00 GMT.

During webinars, FreshForex analyst will answer your questions regarding the market situation and comment on the latest news.

ETFs, the new instruments for profitable trading

Good news, we have added a new group of instruments ETF contracts!

Every investor knows the principle of asset diversification. Spreading your capital across different instruments is a direct way to reduce investment risk. Even if the yield on one instrument falls, this does not lead to a complete collapse. However, building a large portfolio and even more so controlling it is a rather difficult task. This is where ETFs come to the rescue.

An Exchange Traded Fund, or ETF, is an exchange-traded investment fund, which can include stocks, bonds of many companies at once, as well as gold, oil, real estate and other valuable property. The fund buys a large, diversified portfolio of assets and then sells it piecemeal. To do this, the fund issues its own shares. That is, by purchasing one ETF share, a trader invests money in several attractive instruments at once. This option is well suited for novice investors who are not yet familiar with the market and\or do not have the funds to make their own portfolio:

#GLD, SPDR Gold Trust is part of the SPDR family of exchange-traded funds managed and marketed by State Street Global Advisors. For several years, the fund was the second largest exchange-traded fund in the world, and for a short time, the largest. Aims to match the return of the fund to the dynamics of the LBMA Gold Price PM index, minus expenses and fees.

#VOO, Vanguard S&P500 is part of the Vanguard Group, the largest provider of mutual funds and the second largest provider of exchange-traded funds. The fund's investment strategy is to follow the S&P 500 index, which includes the top 500 US companies. Therefore, this fund has a high degree of diversification within the US economy.

#IWM, iShares Russell 2000 is a set of exchange-traded funds managed by BlackRock, which acquired the brand and business from Barclays in 2009. iShares Russell 2000 aims to track the investment performance of an index comprised of small-cap US stocks. Most of the fund's assets are invested in shares of financial services, energy and healthcare companies.

#QQQ, Invesco QQQ (Power Shares Trust, Series) is an American boutique investment management firm that manages a family of exchange-traded funds. The company is part of Invesco, which has been selling the PowerShares product since 2006. PowerShares covers and simulates many market indices; for example, PowerShares QQQ (Nasdaq: QQQ) is designed to reproduce the NASDAQ-100 index. ETF is popular among stock players and is one of the most liquid stock market instruments.

#VEA, Vanguard FTSE DM is another Vanguard Group product aimed at tracking the investment performance of the FTSE Developed All Cap ex US index. This index includes about 1385 ordinary shares of companies from the developed markets of Europe, Australia, Asia, the Far East, with the exception of companies from the USA.

#SCHD, Schwab US Dividend equity Charles Schwab Corporation is one of the largest US banking companies and one of the largest brokerage companies in the United States. The goal of the fund is to track as closely as possible, before commissions and expenses, the overall return of the Dow Jones U.S. Dividend 100. This index includes common stocks of the 100 largest US companies, with consistently high dividend yields and fundamentally strong financial performance. The fund invests at least 90% of its assets in stocks and companies included in the index.

The #USO, United States Oil Fund aims to match share price performance with USO's Benchmark Oil Futures Contract index net of costs and fees.

Detailed trading conditions can be found in the CFD Specifications.

We'd also like to remind you about newcomers in the current line of metals; our traders have already tested their strength, XAUGBP is especially popular the most profitable deal on it was $1698. Why not update the record?

Discover brand new ways to make a profit!
Ahead of the plan: Gold passes the $2,000 threshold

In volatile trading on Monday, gold prices initially fell 1% but reversed course and jumped to their highest level since March 2022 at $2009,59 as investors pondered the impact of measures taken by several central banks to contain the banking crisis and stabilize global markets. financial markets.

Gold prices slipped on Tuesday ahead of the Federal Reserve's policy meeting as expectations rise that the US central bank will slow down its monetary tightening given the turmoil in the banking sector.

A pause in rate hikes could bring gold back above $2000, experts say, but it will need a lower dot chart and a dovish press conference for it to hold those gains. Despite the fact that banking regulators are rushing to strengthen market confidence, the uncertain macroeconomic environment continues to encourage purchases in gold.

Gold is considered a safe asset in times of financial uncertainty, and lower interest rates make unprofitable bars more attractive by lowering the opportunity cost of holding them.

In December last year, Bank of America analysts already predicted a rise in gold prices above $2,000, but the calculation was made for the second half of 2023.
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