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Default Daily bars start at GMT +0?

Originally Posted by AshFX View Post
I forgot to mention something.

For this system, it's better if you use a broker that DOESN'T use a Sunday bar.

This is why I use FXDD (in demo). So basically, you just need to download an FXDD MT4 Demo, use that for identifying trades, and simply enter the trades in your live broker.
Does it matter if a broker (FXDD or otherwise) begins to draw a new daily bar at GMT +0 or does this have any effect on the system at all? I ask since I recall a comment from someone (cabbagepicker maybe?) saying that ODL was preferred due to the fact that new daily bars are drawn at GMT +0.

Also, is there any preference in broker charting if trade are to be made using 4H charts?

Thanks much for your attention to this and for your feedback, Ash! :cool:

From me,
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