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Hot Winter Spread Sale!

Dear clients,

The resumption of trade with China after a long quarantine is without exaggeration called the most important event of the year in the oil market. The imbalance of supply and demand, together with the revision of oil policy by key countries, is actively provoking a wave of volatility.

Do you want to conquer this wave? We will help you with that!

From February 15 to February 28, all Classic account holders will receive a 66% discount on the fixed spread on the #BRENT and #WTI oil contracts. The spread is reduced by 3 times this is a profit of $160 per lot in each trade.

Weekly Outlook: Bitcoin, Ethereum

Dear clients,

Bearish trend is slowing down, so the crypto market should be able to breathe easier. However, there are other things at play. This time, we'll be looking at Bitcoin and Etherium.

Join us on February 15 at 12:00 GMT.

During webinars, FreshForex analyst will answer your questions regarding the market situation and comment on the latest news.

Trading Signals: U.S. Crude Oil Stocks

Dear clients,

February 15 will be announced data on crude oil reserves from the US Department of Energy. Crude Oil Inventories The Energy Information Agency (EIA) estimates the weekly increase in barrels of commercial oil held by US firms. Inventory levels affect the price of petroleum products, which in turn affect inflation and other economic forces.

What data is expected this time, we will find out from our expert:

The American Petroleum Institute reported an increase in black gold reserves in US storage facilities by 10.5 million barrels, which is negative for oil prices. The US Department of Energy plans to deliver 26 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve to the domestic market in the spring, which will put additional pressure on prices in the coming months. Today consider selling #WTI, #BRENT, #Exxon.

Two hikes and no cuts: the experts' opinion on interest rates

Dear clients,

The US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates at least twice in the coming months, with the risk of further hikes, according to most economists in the Reuters poll.

Thus most private sector forecasters are in agreement with central bank' own forecasts and rhetoric, leaving financial market traders only to hope that rates start to fall later this year.

With much stronger-than-expected US employment data earlier this month, Fed policymakers, including the Chairman Jerome Powell, have reiterated a higher-for-longer mantra that market traders have been wrestling with for months.

As inflation still more than doubling the Fed's 2.0% target, 46 of the 86 surveyed economists predicted the US central bank would go for two more 25 basis point increases, not only in March, but also in and May.

That would mean a peak of 5.00-5.25%, 25 basis points higher than most had forecast since November. All 37 people who answered an extra question said the bigger risk was that the federal funds rate could rise even higher.

There was no clear consensus on the Fed's discount rate by the end of 2023. But more than two-thirds of respondents in the latest poll do not expect a cut this year, as inflation is expected to remain above target until at least 2024.

When asked what is more likely to result in a rate cut, 21 economists named a significant reduction in inflation, and 14 saying a significant increase in unemployment.
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