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Default Changes to system

I have been trading the original AshFX Daily since Sept 1 across 19 different pairs.

Overall I am up about 13% since Sept 1.

I have missed a couple signals here and there but for the most part have been pretty disciplined.

I have been entering trades basically by the rules you have just presented. All indicators have to line up. Although, I dont pay as much attention to the Stoch, as long as it is going the right direction.

Looking at the new system, it appears the biggest change has been with the PSAR, going to 0.05 and then the exit rules.

With the PSAR that loose, it is going to signal more often. What was the justification beind loosening the rope of the PSAR?

The biggest change to the exit I see is to sell at the first sign of profit. It seems the risk/reward ratio will be reduced by taking the smaller profits. Has this new exit policy resulted in increased overall profit?

In a quick glance, it looks like you would be in and out of trades more often with this setup. From your experience, is this true?
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