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Hi Ash,

Thanks for V2, which of course is very similar to V1...let me be the first to ask some very obvious questions...

1. This must have advantages over V1...what are they?

2. The document that outlined the system only cosisted of 'entry conditions'..when will details re SL, TP etc follow or are we to asume 'same as V1'?

3. Are now only trading V2, or still using V1 as well...?


Originally Posted by AshFX View Post
Dear all,

I'm proud to present my latest system, AshFX: Version II.

This system is simple, easy, & profitable.

AshFX V2 uses the following indicators:

- Parabolic SAR (0.05, 0.2)

- AC (Accelerator Oscillator)

- AO (Awesome Oscillator)

- Stochastics (5,3,3)

The system can be used on any currency pair, and is suited for the Daily timeframe (D1), although it can also be used on H4.

Unzip the attached zip file, you'll find two files, 1) the actual system, and 2) the MT4 Template. Take the attached template and apply it in Metatrader.

See below for an example of what you should be seeing:

Look forward to questions/analysis/discussion/testing.


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