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Default The AshFX System - Version II

Dear all,

I'm proud to present my latest system, AshFX: Version II.

This system is simple, easy, & profitable. Please note however, this system does not provide trade signals every single day - there can be days with no trade at all.. If you're looking for a system that offers very frequent trading signals, then my system may not necessarily be for you.

AshFX V2 uses the following indicators:

- Parabolic SAR (0.05, 0.2)

- AC (Accelerator Oscillator)

- AO (Awesome Oscillator)

- Stochastics (5,3,3)

The system can be used on any currency pair, and is suited for the Daily timeframe (D1), although it can also be used on H4.

Two files attached, 1) the actual system (PDF), and 2) the MT4 Template (TPL). Take the template (TPL file), and apply it in Metatrader. To do this, just copy the TPL file into your \Program Files\Metatrader_Broker\Templates folder, restart MT4, open any chart, right-click on the chart, then click on "Template", and then on AshFXV2. This is what you should be seeing:


P.S. To generate signals, please use a broker that DOESN'T have a Sunday candle (I have been using FXDD MT4 Demo). In fact, for the sake of consistency, it's better if everyone just uses FXDD MT4 Demo to generate signals, and then you can apply these trades in your live account. I am not promoting this broker, I have never used them live, but rather only to generate signals, because they don't have a Sunday candle. Any potential signals are generated everyday at the close of the candle, which is at 9pm to 10pm GMT. So I will update everyone at around that time, every single day (unless I'm really tired or busy or away) right here on this thread, concerning which signals have been generated (if any), and which signals are good to enter in my opinion. Traders here discuss various setups.

Also, please only discuss the pure AshFX V2 system on this thread. If you wish to add your own twists to the system, you may do so here:

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, we cater for all traders, new and experienced. Also, if you are new to trading, it would be a good idea to spend some time going through the brand new FOREX SCHOOL.


Look forward to questions/analysis/discussion/testing.


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