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NordFX Lottery: Another $20,000 Has Found Its Owners

The second draw of the Super Lottery by brokerage NordFX took place on October 1, 2021. Like the first time, it was held online, and anyone could follow the prize draw on the Internet. The video of the draw has been posted on the company's official YouTube channel.

Another $20,000 of the total prize pool of $100,000 was raffled off among NordFX clients. The winners are the holders of the following lottery tickets:

According to the rules, the prize funds can be used by the lottery winner in trading or withdrawn from the account at any time by any of the available methods and without any restrictions.

The third, final draw will take place immediately after the New Year holidays, on January 03, of already the new year, 2022. A substantial amount of $60,000 will be drawn, which is divided into:
- 30 prizes of $500
- 10 prizes of $1000
- 6 prizes of $2,500 each
- and 1 super prize of $20,000.

Everyone can take part in the lottery and get chances of winning one or even more cash prizes, including the $20,000 super prize. Terms of participation are available on the NordFX website
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