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Default please explain

Originally Posted by lrathi View Post
TOP DOWN APPROACH made easy in conjuction with ASHFX2 signals

Initially performance 100% Winning trades on Entry signals. 40%+ profit in 4 trading days using 4H Timeframe.

Working on ideal EXIT strategy at this stage.... not long to perfect....Coming Soon!

H1Scalper System (MTF D1,H1,M5) - Forex Factory

H1Scalper System (MTF D1,H1,M5) by Swingman

Do not let the name scalper system put you off higher TF trading.

The dashboard can be adapted for any timeframe trading (Scalping to investing).

Also, this strategy is more suited for intermediate to advanced trader levels.

Any questions about this system to be asked on the thread there (FF) not here.
I didn't understand your system

could you please explain
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