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Default Re: World-Signals Forex Daily Analysis

Trading Strategy for EURUSD ahead of U.S. Holiday on Monday.
There remains little more than 24-hours to complete this week's trading. EURUSD in this second week of February is currently trading at about +90 pips from the start of the week. The lossing process of the Dollar continues. In the next trading hours EURUSD may make some recovery based on technical indicators from 1.2137 now to levels below 1.2100. You can find the bottom at 1.2100 or 1.2073. recommend to use the level of 1.2073 as the possible bottom of trading and use this level of few pips below as a stop. So the trading strategy in the last day ahead of the U.S. Holiday on Monday (U.S. President's Day) is to try entry into a long position with stop below 1.2073 and wait for a new target up above 1.2150 that may happen in the rest Monday or during the Tuesday Asia session.
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