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Default Re: Daily Market Analysis by ForexMart

EUR/USD. 11.02 | European currency continues to dominate

The euro/dollar continues to maintain potential for growth: the current quotation of the pair is 1.2125.

Inflation statistics were released yesterday: US CPI rose 0.3% mom in January, in line with forecasts after expanding 0.4% mom in December. Annual inflation is estimated at 1.4% against 1.5% earlier. The core consumer price index did not change at the beginning of the year.

The head of the US Federal Reserve System also made a speech yesterday. Jerome Powell noted that plans for a global stimulus remain unchanged. This suggests that nothing threatens interest rates for a long time. Moreover, the regulator hinted that inflation could exceed the target level of 2%, and this is quite acceptable, since the economy should try to grow on its own.

Today the macroeconomic calendar is not rich in publications. Attention should be paid only to the weekly report on the number of applications for unemployment benefits, which may support the position of the greenback.

GBP/USD. February 11, 2021 The pair is stable above 1.38 level

On Thursday, the pound declines moderately from highs near 1.3870 to 1.3800.

The recent strengthening of the British currency was supported by the growing demand for risky assets and the general weakening of the US dollar amid expectations of a decision on fiscal stimulus. Market participants are almost certain that the program proposed by Joe Biden will get approval in Congress anyway, despite the resistance of the Republicans, who demand a reduction in the aid package.

The dollar is also under pressure after Jerome Powell's speech yesterday. The head of the Fed said that it may take years for the full recovery of the labor market, as the consequences of the pandemic turned out to be more devastating than initial forecasts. Powell also noted that the regulator does not intend to abandon the course of super-soft monetary policy.

Today the macroeconomic calendar is not rich in publications. Attention should be paid only to the data on the number of initial applications for unemployment benefits in the United States. And tomorrow will be published reports on the dynamics of British GDP and industrial production data. The economy is expected to grow 0.5% qoq in Q4 2020. Industrial production may show the same growth of 0.5% in December last year.
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