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Default Re: Daily Market Analysis by ForexMart

EUR/USD. January 20, 2021 Euro continues to rise above 1.2150

On Wednesday, the euro continues to rise, reaching 1.2150. Yesterday, ex-head of the Federal Reserve System and future US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made a speech, which market participants were looking forward to.

Yellen calmed the markets by assuring them of additional fiscal stimulus and promised not to interfere with the dynamics of the dollar. The politician also noted that in the post-crisis period, the United States needs a weak currency in competition and said that the Treasury Department will fight against attempts by other central banks to manipulate the exchange rates of national currencies.

Now, in order to reduce the rate of the single European currency, the ECB will have to somehow outplay the FRS, but the European regulator has long since exhausted the entire arsenal of stimulating instruments. The expansion of the QE program is unlikely to spur inflation, analysts say. Thus, with the strong weakening of the dollar and the ECB's inability to influence the euro rate, the EUR/USD pair has only a way up.

Today we should pay attention to the data on inflation in the eurozone. Deflation has been raging in Europe for four months now. And the final data on consumer prices should reflect their continued decline at the level of -0.3%, which will put significant pressure on the euro rate and allow the bears to return quotes to the level of 1.21.

An important event today will be the inauguration of Joe Biden and his first appearance as the new president of the United States.
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