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Originally Posted by flover View Post
Suppose for example that I have entered a trade with 0.5 lot and in the middle of the trade when it hits my first target I want to exit half of my position (0.25 lot) and let the other half continue until the second target. Please tell me how can I do this in metatrader?:)
Hi Flover.

If you are trading manually and closing trades in the normal way -

viz: Right click in terminal trades tag>left click on 'close order'

A window opens with a yellow bar that says, 'Close', (with the number of the relevant trade order)

At the top of that window is a small box with the number of lots that you traded. It says,'Volume', with a drop-down.

To close a smaller number of lots and to leave some lots still riding on the trade, just alter the number in the box.
Then click, 'Close'.


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