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Default Re: Daily Market Analysis by ForexMart

EUR/USD. January 12, 2021 The dollar stopped his rally at the level of 1.2130

On Tuesday, the dollar suspended its growth in the area of ​​1.2130. The EUR/USD pair has been hovering at 1.2150 for the second session in a row. The euro received some support after the release of data on the consumer confidence index in the euro zone from the Sentix institute in January: the indicator rose by 1.3 points against a decline earlier by 2.7. However, these statistics turned out to be worse than the forecast of 2.0 points growth.

The dollar continues to receive support from the election of a new president in the United States (Joe Biden will take office on January 20). Global markets are optimistic about the Democrat's plans to allocate additional trillions to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Markets are usually a little nervous when it comes to stimulus processes as they can accelerate inflation and negatively affect the US currency. However, now in the foreground is the yield on 10-year government bonds, which keeps the US dollar afloat.

Today the macroeconomic calendar is not rich in publications, so the pair will continue to trade near the level of 1.2150. Attention should be paid only to the data on new vacancies (JOLT) for November in the United States. A job overview will give you an idea of ​​what is happening in the labor market in relation to recruitment. Analysts point out that 6.652 million vacancies were recorded in October.
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