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Default Re: Daily Market Analysis by ForexMart

GBP/USD. January 11, 2021 The sterling starts the year weakening

The GBP/USD pair continues to decline, reaching 1.3460. The sterling is under pressure from the negative fundamental background. In particular, due to the nationwide lockdown announced in the UK back on January 4, the blow to economic growth in the country will be more severe than in other European countries.

Experts expect that GDP will fall by 2.7% in the first quarter of the year, and this may lead to a decrease in the interest rate by the Bank of England in February. Earlier it was expected that the regulator would cut the rate only by the end of the year. And even the adoption of the Brexit agreement will not be able to allay the concerns of the Central Bank, since a number of questions remain on the deal.

However, if the mass vaccination is successful, the pound could recover somewhat in the second quarter. In the meantime, the British currency will continue to decline.
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