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Originally Posted by King Pips View Post
Yes I know that and making 110 pips AT $20.00 so far isn't bad either and if it breaks 1.6115 it has broken through a upper tiangle too, but I am on my second 1/2 of the trade and have a trailing stop locking in any extra pips.
Your weekly head and shoulder is there, but if you go to your monthly chart you will see more than you think.
1. Fib. 50% retract.
2.Stoch Div. on top
3. Elliott Wave #2 finishing and #3 when the GBP drops will be a long one if you know the Elliott Waves.
4. You have a Engulfing down candle at the 50% fib.
5.Also your first red candle down closed more than 50% of its body down, which in Candle Stick Pattern for sell.

Does this give you more proof then the weekly, hope you learn more here.
In the forex you are always leaning.

My Monthly Chart Below free to see.
Wow! Excellent call!!! Followed your reasoning and got 150 pips from both GU and 200 pips from GJ. :D Closed all my trades already though. Long wick usually leads to big retracement right and I think I entered late? :confused: Also the US session has the habit of messing my trades and hitting my trail stop.

Anyways, your entry was yesterday right? My arrow just appeared today and if I'm not mistaken, the rule says to enter after the candle has completely closed. So I guess you're using your method and uses the Ash method as your entry confirmation then?

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