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Originally Posted by King Pips View Post
Ashfx Signal Check GBP/USD Today Looks Good So far 1:43pm EST.
As a tip, Div. on CCI an Stoch. are clear from last bar.

Ashfx makes his rules clear, but if he sees a long candle or doji he won't trade, and watches R/S lines. Div. has to be watched too, its not a lagging indicator, just like breakouts of triangles and pivot points. Candle Stick Patterns. (FOREX RULE: Div., Triangle Breakouts, Candle Stick Patterns, Pivot Points and S/R Lines NON LAGGING INDICATORS FOR TRADE SETUPS)
So we can have a strong setup if you want, when one or more of a MACD, CCI, and STOCH, have Div. Breakouts of Triangles, S/R Lines, Pivot Points, together with the Ashfx Signals, this is common sense, because these are non lagging way for setup trades, like Ash himself watches Long Bars and Doji, which is Candle Stick Patterns, that he won't trade, so these setups when they occur will give you early setup trades.
P.S I went in on the GBP/USD at 1.5938 and Div. and Ashfx Signalling a buy coming.
See my chart below on GBP/USD took 1/2 out already
See the Div. Purple lines, on price and CCI, and Stoch, and Ashfx Signal and see also past Triangle Breakout, other patterns will form as price keeps moving as now in a buy.
I'm seeing it differently than you. I see the kiss and good by off the 20 MA (your middle b band?). There's a strong support at the 1.6115 area. The weekly ATR is almost exhausted and the weekly have a head and shoulder formation. So even if it goes, it won't go up too far before it goes back down and continue its downward trend.
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