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Originally Posted by pedro13 View Post
I always had this question, I guess this might be a great place to ask:

If I have a 100% detailed trading plan, that's pretty easy to put into an automated trader. So how come all these automated systems are failing?
That is a fair question. The short answer is the majority of automated systems that you would consider buying are junk, built by people who do not trade and have no idea how to produce something profitable. They just want your money.

There are a great deal of automated systems that produce huge profits for institutions around the globe. Those institutions and funds pay millions to purchase and develop those systems. They are traded as part of a portfolio in order to vary the risk.

If you have been watching the news lately you will have seen all the buzz about "flash trading" and "high-frequency trading". These are computers running programs. They are very profitable. That is why firms use them.

Question what you think you know. Just because every $99 system you buy falls short of it's million dollar promises doesn't mean a good automated system cannot be constructed. Or that you cannot construct a plan using the same thought process.
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