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Default Re: Daily Economic news by ForexMart

16.12. Trump may become the third US president impeached

This week U.S. President Republican Donald Trump is likely to become the third U.S. president faced with the impeachment. Previously, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton had already undergone a similar procedure, in 1868 and 1998 respectively, but they were not convicted by the Senate. Richard Nixon voluntarily resigned in 1974 as soon as his impeachment process had began.

D. Trump is accused simultaneously on several points: of abuse his power during the Ukrainian scandal and of obstructing Congress' investigation into the matter. As stated earlier, the American president was trying to force Ukraine to investigate his political opponent Joe Biden. However, the head of the White House denies all the blame, saying that «there was nothing done wrong».

Voting in the House of Representatives will take place this week, and the Democrats are expected to win, as the decision to impeach requires a simple majority. As you know, the advantage of the Democratic Party over the Republicans is 36 seats. However, for the final removal of the president, this decision must be supported by two-thirds of the Senate members, where Republicans have 53 out of 100 votes.
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