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Default Re: Daily Market Analysis by ForexMart

EUR/USD. November 26, 2019 Euro in a narrow range just above 1.10

Sentiment on global markets remains positive amid further optimistic statements on trade negotiations. It became known that the United States and China continue to take active measures to sign the first part of the deal as soon as possible. In particular, the parties held telephone talks: Deputy Prime Minister He, the US Minister of Finance S. Mnuchin and the sales representative R. Lighthizer reached an agreement on many issues, including the cancellation of part of the tariffs.

Moreover, D. Trump did not sign the bill on the situation in Hong Kong, earlier being approved by both houses of Congress, that confirms the USs reluctance to escalate the conflict with China.

As a result, the EUR/USD pair strengthened slightly to 1.1015 mark. Nevertheless, the euro is still under pressure the Ifo data on the business climate in Germany released yesterday confirmed that a quick recovery in the German economy is currently unlikely. During the day, the pair will fluctuate slightly above 1.10.
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