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Default Re: Daily Economic news by ForexMart

13.11. The results of D. Trump’s speech at the Economic Club of New York

Yesterday in a speech to the Economic Club of New York US President Donald Trump announced the «imminent» prospects of completing the first phase of the trade deal with China, but did not provide any new details about the talks.

The president’s speech disappointed investors, as they awaited any important political statements to be made. But Trump didn’t announce the place and date of signing a trade deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping, as it was expected before. Instead of this American president threaten to «very substantially» raise tariffs on Chinese goods if China does not make a deal with the United States.

Along with this Trump noted, that the US would only accept the deal if it served the interests of his country, American employees and companies.

The biggest part of president’s speech was devoted to success of White House administration. Trump said his staff had worked hard to bolster the economy despite of «too many interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve».
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