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Default Can you post the Account Statement ?

Originally Posted by Saruman View Post
Hi guys,

Last week, I traded 12 times.
9 trades were positive, and 3 negative.
The negative ones were bigger than the positive ones, so my result in pips is -4 pips.

However, there is still 1 trade open, and this can change the final result from slightly negative into slightly positive.

2 of the 3 negative trades were actually my own mistake. :eek: I took a signal on another time frame, and I didn't really know where to put my stop loss. So another lesson learned here: stick to your time frame (in my case, it's the 4 hrs. candlesticks).

If it weren't for those 2 stupid mistakes, I would have made 144 pips.
Another proof that trading is all about following the rules, and to keep your emotons from taking over control. :(

Happy trading,
Dear Saruman;

Can you post the Account Statement from your trading that you mentioned above ?

Demo (Live its OK) Account is no problem, i just want to check your Open & Closed position.

Thanks before.


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