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Default Re: Daily Market Analysis by ForexMart

EUR/USD Daily Analysis: September 3, 2019

Price movement in the EUR/USD pair is intriguing as it recovered instead of a breakdown, which is unexpected by traders and oftentimes occur much later and outside the range.

We cannot be so sure that this would not be the case, although this is possible. One scenario is the oversold state of the EUR/USD pair for a while now. While trading in a range, this gives a signal for the possibility of a pullback. However, the pair is likely to move in the oversold zone for some time.

With the euro declining against other bearish currencies, it will be not ideal to search for a pullback towards the medial levels, which was the case last year. The common currency also trades against the lows of the Swiss franc and Japanese yen. As for the case of the sterling pound, it is still pressured with the ongoing Brexit negotiation.

I assume that it is highly likely for the attempts for recovery to be faced by the sellers instead of a pullback. We can wait for the resistance to reach at 1.0979 and then a bounce to 1.0911. Nonetheless, no purchases at the present descending motion signals for a technical breakdown but sustained break to 1.1050 opposes a breakout.
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