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Default FxStat Autotrading

At the core of FxStat's offering are state-of-the-art autotrading platforms and a social trading service range that gives investors the possibility to create a diversified portfolio and have full control over their accounts whenever and wherever they may be: at home, at work or whilst travelling.

By using autotrading, traders and investors can view, analyze and evaluate signals from experienced Forex traders and execute the signals in real time in their accounts. FxStat offers strategies only from traders with real accounts and real money.

Autotrading platform includes comprehensive information and statistics from money managers and great number of other features and functionalities. These include an economic calendar to keep investors up-to-date on major market events, fund allocation to each strategy and risk management, fixed contract size or percentage ratio copy trade, live open position monitoring, Forex global trading times and streaming news.

For more details check Trader’s Way.
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