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Default Re: Forex News Analysis by LiteForex

Morning Market Review
2019-06-27 08:38 (GMT+2)

The European currency did not change much against the US dollar on June 26 but managed to keep a generally "bearish" mood. Today, the instrument is gradually returning to sales, but market activity remains moderate, and investors expect new drivers to appear. The focus is on a large block of statistics from Europe. Investors, in particular, will be interested in data on consumer inflation in Germany for June. According to preliminary forecasts, the consumer price index may slow down in June from 0.2% MoM to 0.1% MoM and maintain annual growth rates at the previous values of 1.4% YoY. In addition to statistics on inflation, the Eurozone will publish a block of indices on business sentiment for June. With the opening of the American session, attention will be switched to the publication of updated annual data on US GDP for Q1.


The British currency showed a slight increase against the US dollar on June 26, partially compensating a steady decline the previous day. There were no noticeable reasons for the pound strengthening, so the growth was largely technical. Investors were focused on the speech of the head of the Bank of England, Mark Carney. He noted that recently the risks associated with the "tough" Brexit scenario have increased significantly. At the moment, the regulator's forecasts do not take this scenario into account, so they can be revised as the next Brexit deadline approaches. Published macroeconomic statistics from the UK had no significant support for the pound. The number of approved mortgage loans from BBA in June decreased from 42.898K to 42.384K, which was worse than the average market expectations.


The Australian dollar showed quite active growth against the US one on Wednesday, updating local highs of June 10. The further development of the upward dynamics is due to the weak positions of USD, as well as some investor enthusiasm regarding the upcoming meeting of Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. Yesterday, the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the delegations of two countries managed to achieve significant progress on controversial trade issues, therefore, with high probability, the parties will be able to come to some mutually beneficial compromise. Recall that China remains one of the main trading partners for Australia with its export-oriented economy. The Australian economy reacts negatively to the slowdown in China's industrial activity. Analysts also fear new US import duties and trade barriers.


The US dollar rose strongly against the yen on June 26, departing from local minima updated the day before. The American currency was supported by increased expectations of a favorable outcome of the planned meeting of Donald Trump and Xi Jinping during the G20 summit, which will be held at the end of the week. Minor support for the dollar is also provided by the speech of the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, who did not focus on the prospects for lowering the interest rate during the July meeting, but noted that the regulator will not react to any political pressure. Today, the instrument continues to develop upward dynamics, despite the publication of optimistic macroeconomic statistics from Japan. Retail sales in May increased by 0.3% MoM and 1.2% YoY after a decline of 0.1% MoM and growth by 0.4% YoY last month. Analysts had expected the negative dynamics to worsen to -0.6% MoM. The indicator of retail sales in large stores in May decreased by 0.5% MoM, having improved from the previous value of -1.8% MoM with a forecast of -1.2% MoM.


Oil prices rose slightly on Wednesday, marking new local highs since May 30. Quotes were supported by the API report, which reflected a sharp decline in US oil reserves amid an accident at a major refinery. The published data on oil reserves from the US Department of Energy differed noticeably from the API data and reflected a decline in reserves for the week of June 21 by 12.788 million barrels, with a forecast of a decline of only 2.540 million. The report also reflected the growth of oil production in the USA from 12.200 million to 12.100 million barrels per day.
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