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The New Map for Traders by Bill Williams

85 minute video Learn how to analyze any market of any time frame and discover where to buy, sell, pyramid, take profits and stop and reverse. Plus, you’ll find out why giving in puts you in alignment with the market and learn how to use MACD to trade spreads more profitably.

Now you can understand what chaos is and how you can use it to boost your trading profits. Learn how to analyze any chart in ten seconds and how you can see “pit action” on your own trading screen.

Learn why the science of Chaos Theory draws a more accurate picture of market action and intention than other approaches and how you can apply this theory to your trading and daily life. This opportunity allows you to gain the benefit of years of experience in two hours while learning Profitunity’s unique “10 second analysis". You will learn why over 90% of all traders lose money consistently while 50% of all contracts make money on each price change, even though traders rank in the top 10 percent of intelligence of the general population.

Bill believes that most traders lose because they use the wrong logic maps. Linear techniques from classical physics and the most common technical indicators simply don’t make profits in non-linear markets. He discusses which techniques to use (only three to trade the Profitunity technique) and which to avoid. You will learn why the usual axioms (“buy low, sell high” and “follow the trend”) throw you off the profit trail and why concepts such as “bullish/bearish consensus", “oversold" and “overbought” do not really exist. To continuously trade profitably, you must “stop the lies and listen to the truth.” In trading, your brain is not your friend.

In the second part of this session you will earn unique ways to “boot up” your “twin-hemispheric neck top computer” to get in synch with the market, producing better trading and more relaxation while trading. It may be time to stop optimizing your computer and start optimizing yourself. You will receive trading setups that will automatically show Profitunity signals real time. You will also learn the five words that will guarantee your success in trading the markets.

Discover how to measure market reaction before other traders see it and how to let this market action determine your “asset allocation” approach. See how to take the ambivalence out of Elliott Wave counting and how you can understand and interpret the Market Facilitation Index to make more profitable trades

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