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Originally Posted by elway View Post

Thanks for the work on the EA. As I understand the CandleLength function... the EA won't place the order if the signal candle length is greater than the average length. It seems that function would cut out a lot of good trades, for example, where the candle was 10% or even just 1% greater than the average length. Is it possible to make this function where the variable specifies the maximum percent over the average length where we would still want to take a trade?

Tis done. Read the user guide for the new input.

I do not appear to be able to edit my post no 1, so I have attached everything here.

The latest version also has code to check that the lot size and stop loss is allowed by the broker, and edits the input or stop calculation if not. Contributors should be able to play with lower time frames now, if they want; the stops will often be bigger then the previous swing high\low.

It also has a hedging option - again, read the user guide. I am not sure if this is running properly so it is turned off by default.

I have fully described the hedging system it uses in Ash's thread. The only difference is that the robot sends hedge trades rather than setting pending ones, and handles the closure of profitable hedge trades itself. The problem with porting the code from a different ea is that the robot has to use the hedge rules to manage the hedged pair, not AshFX rules. Making sure all these are turned off when hedging kicks in is proving more complicated than I imagine.

If anybody knows how I can edit post 1, please sing out.

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