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Originally Posted by Egwig View Post
Hi Steve.
Perhaps my settings need adjusting.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

2009.09.03 16:17:07
AshFX V2 auto-trading robot by SteveHopwood EURGBP..,M15
inputs: GVI="-----General trade inputs-----";
TradeComment="AshFX V2";
clf="----Candle length and wick filters----"; CandleLengthLookBackBars=100; AllowableWickPercentage=25;
mi="-----Open trade management inputs-----";
slf="----Stop Loss Manipulation----";
JSL="Jumping stop loss settings";
JumpingStop=true; JumpingStopPips=200; JumpAfterBreakevenOnly=true;

I just noticed another point.
As the wick length alters in relation to the main body of the current candle the screen stats show the relevant pip values but the percentage figure remains always at zero.
You can see this in the attached jpg.
You are trying to use a robot that trades a daily system on a 15 min chart. The values returned by a variety of functions are too small to be used for trading.

I stated originally that the robot can be used on any time frame. This is clearly incorrect, but I assumed users of the robot would understand the manual system and not try to use it on such a low tf. Many apologies for this.

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