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Default Steve Hopwood's new AshFX V2 auto-trading robot

Attached are the new version of my AshFX V2 trading robot and its associated user guide. The robot will trade any time frame. The user guide contains a description of the inputs. There is a section for coders at the end; I would appreciate your contributions about the points I raise there.

Three important points:
  1. I am assuming that anybody reading this has read enough of Ash's thread to be using the system manually. If this is not true in your case, then go to to catch up. Don't try to use the robot without this understanding because you will not understand what it is doing.
  2. Please keep discussion here limited to the activity of the robot. It is best to keep discussion of manual trading to Ash's thread where everyone can benefit from it, except when you are making points that could improve the robot's success.
  3. Although this is a auto-trading robot, I do not recommend leaving it unsupervised. At the start of each new candle, check that trades have been sent that you actually want. Check that part-close and stop loss manipulation is in accordance with your wishes and normal trading practises.

This robot is not yet running on my live account. I shall need a few weeks on demo first, to make sure everything is working correctly. It appears to be, but we never know what bugs are lurking until the bite us.

Significant improvements on my earlier attempts are these:
  1. The robot works :D
  2. It considers candle and wick lengths as part of the trade-filtering process. This needs refining.

The most helpful development this robot could make is to be able to take into consideration major points of support and resistance. This is a central feature of Ash's manual trading but I have no idea how to implement it into a trading robot. Any ideas from coders would be most welcome.

So, those of you interested in having a robot do the trading for you, put this one onto a demo and see how it goes.


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