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Default Just a quick Tip

Guys just a tip I have to post. Study this Chart of the GBP/USD monthly that I caught. Add any of your signals and know how.


1) Forming a 1 Wave at bottom Arrow Then 2 Wave can be forming at top Arrow.
2) Stoch Has crossed over at over bought Territory.
3) Candle has come close to 50% Fibo.
4) Div. of Stoch Low to High and the Candles High to Low Yellow Lines.
5) The candle where the top Arrow is, hit a major Resistance where the Blue line across is and it did not break it.
6) Also the candle that hit the Resistance where the top arrow is, the formation of that candle past the high of the previous candle and closed more than 50% down which means reversal to happen.

To get in and catch this 3 Wave well you can be rich, because if you get in low lots first you can add more as it goes to make the big 3 Wave and the #3 wave is the longest of all the waves, you known on a Monthly it can be big. But lets keep an eye out of how it develops towards the Ashfx Signal too.

Add your trading know how and lets see if the puzzle will form.

OH by the way Rob Percther of Is saying that the markets are on a 2 Wave ready for the Dow Jones to hit 400 points, this currency is telling the same.
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