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Default Re: Where to get the best forex signals?

To say that a signal is good or not, it is necessary to try it for a long time because it is not possible to test, as for example with expert advisors. You can not trust the historians because none assures you that in addition to that one good historian there are 20 other historians at a loss that nobody shows. Perhaps providing the signals is more convenient than providing expert advisors (which often generate signals) just because you can test them and understand if they are worth or not, while for the signals you have to subscribe and have faith. Then if they go wrong it will always be easy to say that it's your fault because maybe you entered a second later when they told them. I'm quite critical. Having said that, I would suggest starting from a signal, let's say apparently good, and then I think every good trader has to build his own toolbox because you can not follow the market 24 hours a day. moreover, after having taken the good opportunity for an entry it is necessary to seize the good opportunity for an exit from the market
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