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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: December 17, 2018

The euro major pair had a reduction triangle breakdown on Friday after the rise of global growth fears, resulting for traders to shift to equities to minimize risks. The pair is currently trading in the flat as investors are looking forward to FOMC as guidance.

Traders continue to draw bids, sending the euro major pair at as lower rate towards the latest low of 1.1215 if the global equities continue to be the solution amid the rising uncertainty of growth internationally. On Friday, weak economic data from China has awakened fears for a global economic slowdown and lessens investor’s appetite for riskier assets. People looking for safety has strengthened the US dollar as a safe-haven that increases the dollar by 1 and a half year high, inducing a strong selling of the EUR/USD pair. The common currency was further dampened by the weakened German and eurozone PMI in December, indicating a prominent slow down from both manufacturing and services. These data confirmed the dovish sentiment of ECB on Thursday and pushed traders to lessen expectation for next year’s rate hike. It further pushes the common currency to break through lower than 1.13.

Yet, the mixed result from the US macro calendar resulted to a decline of both Industrial/Manufacturing production data and PMI despite the retail sales data, prompting sluggish business growth and reduces prospect for fed rate hike in 2019, limiting the euro decline and triggers a rebound from below and hover above 1.13 as market closed for the week. Meanwhile, the broad-based market for the dollar pushes the euro lower. It was able to trade flat during the Asian session starting the trading session for the week. Currently, the euro major pair is trading flat at 1.1307 with an apparent increase of 0.015 on the day. Meanwhile, the pair is showing a positive trend while the upside continues to be restricted by the FOMC update being the major event for the week, which will influence the future trading of the dollar.
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