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Oil and New Zealand dollar most profitable November assets

16 November 2018

November profitable assetsDear traders,

We would like to share October trading results of FreshForex traders. Check out our report about the best trades and the most interesting assets for trading and set your own records!

Clients' results

$27 300 is the most profitable October trade! It was Sell GBPUSD position of 10 lots, order was in market almost a week.
1 067% is the biggest increase in funds within the month, the client achieved such a result by trading cross rates and oil.
The most active trader made 2 345 trades in October! The client traded major currencies and stock indexes with the help of Expert Advisors.
$174 605 is the best total trading result of October! The client traded cross rates and Bitcoin.
72% of all the October trades were profitable.
63% clients with deposits larger than $5 000 closed this month with profit.

The Most Interesting Assets

Oil and New Zealand dollar are the assets that may bring great results in November due to rapid price fluctuations:

Oil #BRENT and #WTI shows good positive trends recently. Using trend indicator ADX you may open trades in trend direction in time to may the highest profit.

New Zealand dollar is in high demand against the currencies with low interest rates, like euro, Japanese Yen and Canadian dollar. The Central Bank of New Zealand keeps the rate at the level of 1.75%, which is much higher than in euro area, Japan or Canada.

Oil quotes fall and 6 new oil stocks in FreshForex

16 November 2018

Oil companies stock CFDsDear traders,

On November 14th oil quotes fell to the level of $65 per barrel and gas CFDs, on the contrary, grew.

Oil quotes collapse was caused by failure in the stock work of Fenix managed by well-known American investment fund. Now oil returns to the initial levels and we are observing oil growth and gas decline.

Oil Brent may in short-term grow to the level of $69/barrel that's where Fenix failure happened. It's time to open trades!

Besides, FreshForex offers 6 new stocks of oil companies for trading. Let's talk a little about each of them:

#Total French oil and gas company, world's forth company in terms of oil output volume. The company has been operating in 130 countries.
#BP (British Petroleum) British oil and gas company, world's second company in terms of oil output volume. It was founded in 1909, now owns oil refining and petrochemical capacities and и petrol station network in 110 countries.
#Novatek Russian gas company founded in 1994. That's third world's company in terms of proved natural gas resources and eighth in terms of gas output.
#Chesapeake (Chesapeake Energy) American oil and gas company founded in 1989. Texas first company in terms of shale production.
#Continenta (Continental Resources) American oil and gas company founded in 1988. The company belongs to the USA top three largest shale oil and natural gas producers.
#HessCorp (Hess Corp) American oil and gas company founded in 1919. The company belongs to the USA top three largest shale oil and natural gas producers.

For detailed information about each of the assets check out FreshForex CFD Specification or FreshForex trading platform.

Within 2 weeks of November profit of #GAS, #BRENT and #WTI might have been from $23 347 to $32 108 per trade,
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