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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: November 9, 2018

The euro major pair has been moving steadily after the release of the FOMC report since there is a bearish pressure on both currencies. Aside from rising tensions in Europe, the hawkish sentiment remains with market expectations that adds pressure on the common currency. Various political tensions such as Brexit, tensions between Brussels and Rome are anticipated to heighten tension in the next few weeks, yet Brexit is likely to move in a sluggish pace. The issue between EU and Italy influence the spread between Italy and Germany to 300 bps. Other than that, the two major coalition partners in Italy proceeds to take action in limiting immigration that also affects the euro across markets.

These economic events limit the progress of the euro while in the US, uncertainty has pushed investors to side on the US-dominated assents and the greenback. The EUR/USD pair grew modestly after the release of the FOMC statement and rise to 1.1409. It declines immediately and broke the previous slows. The price declined below 1.1350 during the Asian trading session as the US central bank kept the funds' rate at 2.25% to 2.00. At the same time, the recent statement remained the same from the September meeting, providing a solid bullish support. Meanwhile, the Italian bond yields yesterday night after the EU commissionís forecast saying that Italy has undergone inadequate and partial analysis.
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