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Default Re: TrueTL - True Trendline Indicator

We are happy to announce the MT5 version of True Trendline Indicator (3.00 beta rc1). The other indicators are coming soon, we are working on with full blast.

  • Asynchronous/non-blocking HTTP request: TrueTL indicators are able to communicate with our servers without blocking other TrueTL indicators. This parallel communication results in much faster and more comfortable operation than before.
  • 3 touches analysis with adjustable sensitivity: You can adjust the sensitivity of the 3 touches analysis in 3 steps or You can turn off.
  • Drawing mode: You can find the "Line_Chart" and the "Candle_Body" options here.

The feedbacks and ideas of thousands of our consumers are inspiring us continuously for development, to expand the services and configuration options, and to release new indicators. If you have any suggestion donít hesitate to contact us at our SUPPORT page.

You can find the new beta releases on the UPDATE page where our customers can download the latest version. You can find all of our FREE and purchasable indicators (MT4 and MT5 beta version also) on the INDICATORS page.
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