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EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis: October 12, 2018

The euro major pair climbed to the top at 1.1590 prior to the release of the US data, which was the highest since October 3. In regards to recent US president, Donald Trump, the statement on fedís tightening and plunged down equities influencing weakness of dollar during yesterdayís trading. The pair reached the intra-day high 1.15992 since the US CPI and unemployment reports did not meet expectations, resulting in further bullishness of the trend since today is the last day of the week.

In the beginning of the Asian session, the pair broke the level of 1.16, reaching an intra-day and even the monthly high at 1.16103 from 1.1606, grew by 0.11%. With Japanís equities proceed to trade in red, other major markets such as India, Singapore, and China sighted equities to have an optimistic price action. The US dollar has been trading at its lowest level in October against other markets on Friday while continue to lose in US Treasury yields bringing pessimistic sentiment on Wall Street. On Friday, the dollar traded at 95 against six major currencies from 96.15 monthly high on Tuesday.
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