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How to capture both trend and retracements?

Dear traders,

Want to learn how to capture not only trend but also its retracements?

On Wednesday, October 10th at 12 noon GMT FreshForex analyst Graham Osano will tell you how to use MACD and Accelerator Oscillators and a simple Expert Adviser that combines both MACD and Accelerator for long term trading.

For those, who were not able to take part in the webinar last week, there will be a short recap. You may also ask FreshForex analyst any questions about market situation or discuss the latest analytical news on the webinars.

To take part in the webinar use press the button bellow and log in. You can also see all the previous webinars here.

5 assets with profit up to $15 697 per trade!

Dear traders,

We would like to share September trading results of FreshForex traders. Check out our report about the best trades and the most interesting assets for trading and set your own records!

Clients' results

$9 147 is the most profitable September trade! It was short USDZAR position of 5 lots, order was in market more than 2 days.
893.16% is the biggest increase in funds within the month, the client achieved such a result by trading EURUSD, Bitcoin Cash and gold.
The most active trader made 2160 trades in September! The client traded major currency pairs and oil without using Expert Advisors.
$113 258 is the best total trading result of September! The client traded indexes and cross rates.
62% of all the September trades were profitable.
58% clients with deposits larger than $10 000 closed this month with profit.

The Most Interesting Assets

#BRENT oil is growing strongly due to output cut in Iran and Venezuela. Oil producers say this trend will continue till the end of the year. One Buy trade of 3.02 lots might have brought $15 697 of profit.
EURJPY those, who prefer technical analysis may consider trading this currency pair. ADX indicator shows strong downtrend development. One trade of 4.31 lots might have brought you $11 826.
AUDUSD this currency pair may bring high profit due to the difference between rates of Australian and USA Central Banks. A Buy trade of 6.93 lots might have increased your deposit by $2 078.
XAUUSD gold and American stock market are traditionally traded in the opposite directions. When #SP500 grows, consider selling XAUUSD, and vice versa. Sell trade of 2.10 might have brought you $1 709.
#SP500 American stock market renewed its historical high in September and is getting ready for new records, as in October we have corporate reporting! Buy trade of 1.72 might have brought profit of $660.

For more information about volatile trading instruments of the month check out our Forex Heatmap!

Nonfarm Payrolls: trading forecast

Dear traders,

On October 5th at 12.30 noon GMT Nonfarm Payrolls is to be released. This report shows changes in number of people employed in USA non-farm sector. Total number of employed in this sector is about 80% of workers producing USA GDP.

That is why NFP offers the best economics review and causes high volatility in markets!

Check out what results to expect in trading forecast of leading FreshForex expert:

"ISM leading indicators of employment predicts data release better than consensus forecasts. It's a positive signal for American stock and oil markets. On Friday consider buying #SP500, Brent and WTI."

Monitor closely the situation on market together with FreshForecasts and earn on the key economic events!
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