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Dear traders,

This week we have two major economic events that influence financial markets!

First of all, Bank of England holds its meeting on September 13th at 11am GMT. It is the central bank of the United Kingdom, which sets key interest rates for financial markets of the country and influences monetary policy of the Kingdom.

Here's what leading FreshForex expert Catherine Main says about BoE meeting:

"Investors don't expect Bank of England to change interest rate tomorrow. However, financial authority of Great Britain may positively estimate future economic growth, which is likely to cause growth of the British currency. Great Britain has almost agreed with EU upon trading privileges after Brexit, which is a positive signal for British economics. On Thursday consider buying GBPUSD and GBPJPY."

Besides, European Central Bank (ECB) also conducts its meeting on September 13th at 11.45am GMT. Market participants always wait for this event with great interest because it frequently causes high volatility.

Leading FreshForex analyst tells what to expect from the conference:

"Eurozone inflation doesn't grow. That means ECB won't announce quick cut of quantitative easing. That's negative signal for euro. On Thursday consider selling EURUSD and EURGBP."

FreshForex experts provide reliable forecasts. Monitor closely the situation on market together with FreshForecasts and earn on the key economic events!


Dear traders,

What Ethereum, HSI index and Sberbank shares have in common? All these assets already brought high profit within first days of September!

We would like to share August trading results of FreshForex traders. Check out our report about the best trades and the most interesting assets for trading and set your own records!

Clients' results

$3 336 is the most profitable August trade! It was short EURUSD position of 3 lots, order was in market more than 24 hours.
984% is the biggest increase in funds within the month, the client achieved such a result by trading major currency pairs and USDZAR.
The most active trader made 1879 trades in August! The client traded major currency pairs without using Expert Advisors.
$130 605 is the best total trading result of August! The client traded cross rates.
63%of all the August trades were profitable.
59% clients with deposits larger than $5 000 closed this month with profit.

The Most Interesting Assets

ETHUSD ethereum is highly volatile in first half of day, when Asian traders trade actively. That's why intensive price movements that can bright high profit often happen in mornings. From the beginning of August an ETHUSD trade of 23.34 lots may have brought $64 653.

HSI one of the key Asian stock indexes that has been in flat lately. For this index oscillator RSI is perfectly suited. RSI often forms sell and buy signals. From the beginning of August a trade of 0.75 lots may have brought $13 683 of profit.

USDZAR perfect asset for traders that use trend-following technical indicators. Indicator ADX forms strong trading signals almost every day. Within first weeks of September one could have got $11 754 for a trade of 5 lots.

Sberbank if you prefer fundamental market analysis, consider #Sberbank, that is in strong downtrend due to American sanctions against Russia. A trade of 0.08 lots could have brought $993 from the beginning of the month!
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