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Default Re: FreshForex -

Have you collected your money?

Dear traders,

Do you use all the benefits of FreshForex Cashback or loose potential profit every week?

FreshForex offers stable additional income with Cashback service: it doesn't matter, whether you get profit or loss we credit up to $20 per closed lot.

No limits on maximum size of weekly payments

You can get $10 or $2 000 per week in REAL CASH: it depends only on you and your trading volume!

Easy to activate easy to get profit

No complicated requirements: activate Cashback once and automatically get payments every week. Credited funds are tradable and withdrawable without restrictions!

Individual cashback schemes

Customize cashback to suit your trading. It doesn't matter whether you prefer risky strategies or safe and reliable trading methods, you can always select the most beneficial cashback scheme.

You don't need to take much effort to get more profit with FreshForex !
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