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Default Re: Daily Market Analysis by ForexMart

EUR/USD Technical Analysis: August 22, 2018

The single European currency had rallied amid Asian trading yesterday and further break above the significant level 1.15. Nevertheless, the gains were only temporary followed by a pull back to test the region along with the onset of American hours. Moreover, this seems to be a completely impossible breakout which may lead to the thought that Turkey is still the concern of most traders.

It remains a question whether the hammer formation in the previous week indicates a technical rebound or value hunting. It seems hard to answer for now but we consider it more of a technical correction. There is a potential area that extends towards the 1.1550 region, which could open doors to reach the upside effortlessly and touching that zone will make an impressive situation.

As expected, headlines will move the market but traders should keep an eye to the American dollar as it tries to gain strength since the New York will begin the day. With this, the US dollar will certainly strengthen against the EUR/USD pair. While market players remain concerned about the current status of the European Union since the issue continues to linger in the traders’ minds. Take note of the headlines from Turkey because as their news worsens, it would greatly affect the Euro.
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