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I agree with jezzer1961...

Start a clean and simple setup to start with and then build up slowly. adding one bit at a time and note what happens and when. Could also be a clash of tasks reading a common dll or file-write problem.

I had a load of wierd problems and crashes after MT4 V220? and put it down to my Vista operating stay with XP for trading and with the last SP's its very stable.

Most of my mysterious crashes disappeared when I run MT4 terminal with administrator priviledges.

MT4, now up to V225, is a great and flexible platform and is used by full time traders etc. as well, and keeps us all independent from those broker "closed software specials".

In this business, when trading live, you must have a backup plan for system crashes/faults or downtime caused by eskom power failures etc.

Also try to install and pretest any new software/add-ons offline and not on your live trading system. Pretest and prove on demo account before loading same to live account terminal.

I use a remote VPS running under Server 2003 and it works like a dream.....wish I had that whole kit in-house!

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