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Default Re: FreshForex -

FreshForex: Cashback per every lot of your trades

Dear Clients!

Forget about spreading with FreshForex: trade as much as you want and we will refund up to 100% of your spreads via cashback!

What is so special about Cashback from FreshForex?

The highest rates for cashback in the market - we return up to $20 of the spread per trading lot;
Cashback is credited with REAL money which you can withdraw at any time;
Payments several times a month: your cashback is calculated based on the results of each week;
3 schemes for calculating the cashback which you can choose depending on your trading style;
You can monitor the cache in the Client Area.

Dare to experiment: you can change the charging schedule every week and you use saved funds for trading or withdraw from your account without any restrictions!
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