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Default Re: FXBTrading - Premium Forex Trading Services to Traders and Partners

Money Manager Benefits

Our Money Managers enjoy so many great benefits and FXB Trading is a market leader when it comes to ultra competitive pricing, providing access to a deep pool of liquidity that ensures large orders are filled at the requested price and, most importantly, giving you the ability to fully customize your markups and fees, account leverage, and so on.
  • Set your own trading conditions based on your trading preferences and philosophy.
  • Calculate commissions and performance fees automatically.
  • Enjoy easy withdrawals and deposits.
  • Trade a full suite of tradable assets.
  • Access advanced reporting and analytics.
  • Control the level of trading activity your clients see or even hide the specifics of your trades.
  • Make deposits and withdrawals easy and transparent for your clients by allowing on demand funding options.
  • Benefit from super-fast execution and deep liquidity
  • Trade sizes start at 0.01 lots.
  • Ideal for algorithmic or manual traders.
  • Open unlimited sub-accounts.
  • Available order types include: Market, Stop and Limit.
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