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An introduction to order flow trading

Order flow trading is a profitable form of trading. It provides professional and retail traders with information based benefits. Also, it offers step-by-step analysis of order flow in the form of charts that can be interpreted in a simple way.

Order flow trading takes into account other forms of trading. The aim is to predict the prices of stocks through pending orders of other traders. In anticipation of prices, it is important to ensure that potential traders have large orders. The traders should be active market participants who have pending orders.

Facts about order flow trading

Trade mentors advise traders to trade what they see instead of trading what they think. The market does not actually move according to your thoughts. Picking levels is a risky way to exercise your trading, and has been banned by professional traders. However, order flow trading cannot be implemented without picking levels.

Traders who mentally picked up levels while simultaneously observing the price charts discovered that the levels were all blown away. However, things can vary by using tight stop losses especially if you consider picking levels carefully. Consider picking levels with caution and use tight stop losses.

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