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Default Re: FreshForex -

FreshForex increases leverage by 2 times!

Dear traders,

We increase the highest leverage to 1:2000 for Classic MetaTrader 5 accounts!

We would like to remind you that the highest leverage for Classic MT4 accounts is 1:1000, and for Market Pro MT4 and ECN MT4/MT5 accounts is 1:500.

What are the benefits of high leverage?

You can trade expensive instruments with small initial deposit;
Increase deposit several times in a short period of time;
Keep more free funds on the account for maintaining high margin level;
Simultaneously open several trades on different trading instruments.

Let's calculate!

- With leverage 1:500 for one-lot EURUSD trade you need margin of 100 000 EUR / 500 = 200 EUR;
- With leverage 1:2000 for one-lot EURUSD trade you need margin of 100 000 EUR / 2000 = 50 EUR, that is 4 times lower!

You may also use trader calculator to calculate margin for needed instrument.

Please note, leverage 1:2000 is available for accounts with balance not exceeding $1000. If your balance is higher, leverage will be decreased automatically in accordance with paragraph 4.5.3 of Regulations for trading operations.

Trading Results and Volatile American Indices

Dear traders,

We would like to share March trading results of our clients. Check out FreshForex report about the best trades and the most interesting instruments and set your own records!

Clients' Results

$3 552.13 is the most profitable March trade! It was long EURUSD position of 8 lots, order was in market for about 3 hours.

893.16% is the biggest increase in funds in a month, the client achieved such a result by trading EURUSD, USDCAD and gold.

The most active trader made 2260 trades this month! The client traded small amounts of currency pairs, metals and oil without using Expert Advisors!

$101 218 is the best total trading result of March! The client traded cross currencies.

61% of all the March trades were profitable.

More than 55% of clients with deposits larger than $5 000 closed this month with profit.

March most Interesting Instruments

USDTRY and EURTRY from the beginning of the year these currency pairs are in uptrend. ADX indicator gave Buy signals almost every trading day. In March EURTRY trade of 4.06 lots could have brought profit of $25 238, and USDTRY trade of 5 lots $19 742.

BTC Bitcoin is still a great trending instrument. ADX Indicator showed downtrend in March. Traders, who followed ADX, got large profit.

Brent in the first spring month Brent price increased by 7.3%. Saudi Arabia urges OPEC to extend oil supply cuts agreement till the end of 2019. Saudis need high hydrocarbons prices, as they will offer IPO Saudi Aramco this Summer. In March Brent trade of 3.61 lots could have brought $17 388.

S&P500 and DJ30 in March these indexes were highly volatile, as Donald Trump declared trade war to China. In April China responded with reactive measures. That means we are likely to see new volatility surge. DJ30 trade of 1.03 lots could have brought profit of $9 893, and S&P500 trade of 1.89 lots $7 514.
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