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Default My findings Ash pls give ur view on this...

well, i followed the pattern as you described and i found out something....i noticed that if i set my S.L for just 30pips, i ll loss my trades cos of the movement patterns of fx market so i decieded to use my initiative to set my SL at the point where the yellow line intercets the red line for both the buy and the sell trades.Thats the only modification to earn max profit.I trade one lot and so far, i made $600 using this method on 4different trades today....Thats ok by me!!! lol.
If you have got a smaller account or your afraid, stick to the 30pips s/l.i also set my T/P to 20-25pips so i dont get too greedy(Not good for my once again if you can share more methods so we can have a variety, i would love that.Watch out for mine soonest!!God bless you lots
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