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Originally Posted by lovelyrose View Post
I'm new around here, just wondering if any one of you have any long experience on trading online. I'm new and I want to learn and earn to trade.

You said you want to "learn and earn to trade". I want to ask you, is that really what you mean?

Forums are not signal rooms. Although you may have very gifted traders like Ash around to provide advice and direction, until you learn to trade you will always be at the mercy of someone else.

EA's are a big topic of conversation on forums. People love EAs because it absolves them of the hard work of "learning" to trade. I would contend that if aspiring traders spent half as much time in diligent study of the market, as they do searching for the next great EA we would have a lot more success stories.

Here is the best advice I can give to any aspiring trader; 90% of everyone who opens a trading account will fail. Most will go broke. If you want to know the path to consistent profitability, look at what 90% of the people are doing........then do the opposite.

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